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Do I have to run?

Quick Answer: No 

Running, jogging, jiggling, half running, half walking, walking or ultimately crawling are all allowed. As Mum used to say, just do your best.

As an adult you can choose from 3 distances - 21km - The Big One (Half Marathon), 10km - The Middle One, 5.5km - The Little One. Children 10 and under have their own Tiny One.

Quick Answer: Depends how far you want to go

Which event should I enter?

Although it would be hilarious to send you out on your own, we aren't that mean! The routes will be clearly marked and our fantastic course marshalls will be out on the course to assist you.

Quick Answer: You'll know- trust us

How will I know where to go?

I competed in FRF before, will the course be the same?

Quick Answer: Kinda

We will be making some changes to the course to keep it fresh for you but overall it will be pretty similar, so if you have a time to beat, this is your shot!

Do you have a refund policy?

Quick Answer: Yes

The refund policy is the same for all events under the Forest Run Fest banner.

Is there a mandatory kit?

Quick Answer: No

In 2024 we are aiming to go 100% cupless in an attempt to reduce our wastage of

single-use plastic cups. By making small changes such as this, we hope to get you all thinking about how we use plastic! It's advisable to bring a flask or hydration bladder that you can keep topped up during the race. You’ll also be able to fill it; before, during and after the race with some high quality H2O!

Can I bring my dog?

Quick Answer: Unfortunately not

Please leave your furry friend at home as they are not permitted in the start pen. They will be excited to see you when you return home!

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