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There is a course fit for every level of runner and walker. 

The Half Marathon is longest course on the event. Challenge yourself! Confident but not too confident? Give the 10km a go, you'll surprise yourself. Just starting out and want to try a race? Do the 5.5km and see what it's all about. For tiny legs, the 2km course is for kids 10 and under.



As far as a 10km course goes, this one has some great variety!
Settle in to your pace along the gravel roads before taking in the fresh scent of pine forest with the soft pine needles underfoot.
When you hit the 5km point, it’s time to re-hydrate and refuel before you compose yourself for a dash back to the finish line along the compact forest trails.
That medal is going to feel good when it’s hanging from your neck so give it everything!



Setting off along the forest roads you will soon find the pine needles beneath your feet as you hit the inviting forest trails. After a short section under the tree canopy you then hit the forest roads again for a stint towards the first aid station at the 5km mark. Water, check, lollies, check!
It’s now time to head back to the race village ready for your second lap which includes some shared-use paths, more forest goodness and open grass sections. Watch out for mountain bikers on this part of the course as the tracks do cross occasionally.
At the 15km point you can refuel at the aid station ready for your final push towards the last of the forest trails. Remember to keep some fuel in the tank for the final sprint to the finish line once you break out from the trees!



This may be the shorter distance but we’ve still packed in some great forest trails and gravel road sections to give you an enjoyable morning run!
Keep your eyes open for our marshals who will point you in the right direction when you break out from the forest.
It’s time to pick up the pace now and go get that PB!



This 2km course packs in some great trails and gives the little ones a taste of the forest goodness.
A short stint on the gravel road sees them descend under the tree canopy for some off-road adventuring.
When they break out from the forest it’s time for a quick marshal high-five and then it’s a sprint to the finish line!
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