Have some Questions?

We've done our best to answer them here. If you can't find your answer, get in touch. 

Do I have to run?

Quick answer:


Running, jogging, jiggling, half running, half walking, walking or ultimately crawling are all allowed. As mum used to say, just do your best.

Which event should I enter?

Quick Answer:

Depends how far you want to go

As an adult you can choose from 3 distances, 21km - The Big One (Half Marathon), 10km - The Middle One, 5km - The Little One. The Moonlight also offers a full marathon.

Children under 11 have their own Tiny One.

Will I get a medal?

Quick Answer:

Oh hell yeah!

We love love love medals. Medals are why we race, if it's the same for you, you'll be happy to know we have designed some AH..mazing medals.

How do I get ready for my race?

Quick Answer:

Practice makes perfect

You can access the Half Marathon Training Plan here. Don't worry, we got you! Get out there and run! Youtube videos on running are only acceptable as PART of your training.

Why the forest?

Quick Answer: Because..nature

The routes will be mostly flat, clean air, lots of trees and plenty of space.

Why not the forest?!

Trees are great. Love the trees.

How will I know where to go?

Quick Answer:

You'll know - trust us

Although it would be hilarious to send you out on your own, we aren't that mean! The routes will be clearly marked and the brilliant Fusion Crew will be out on the course to assist you.

I competed in previous ones will the course be the same?

Quick Answer:


We will be making some changes to the course to keep it fresh for you but overall it will be pretty similar, so if you have a time to beat, this is your shot!

Do you have a refund policy?

Quick Answer:


The refund policy is the same for all events under the Forest Run Fest banner. Find out more here.

Is there mandatory kit?

Quick Answer:

Yes - for the Moonlight

The Moonlight Marathon and all of it's distances require you to have a headlamp and a high vis vest. 

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